Current Chairperson - Joshua D. Baker

State Director, South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

Things to consider as together we participate in this collaborative learning community.

    • All of us are potential teachers as well as learners - in a true collaborative environment we are both.
    • We learn particularly well from the act of creating or expressing something for others to see.
    • We learn a lot by just observing the activity of our peers.
    • By understanding the contexts of others, we can teach in a more transformational way (constructivism).
    • A learning environment needs to be flexible and adaptable, so that it can quickly respond to the needs of the participants within it.

The purpose of this site is to provide workforce development and training to professionals serving children and adolescents in the state of South Carolina. Your feedback, recommendations and suggestions are always welcome. Please contact: George Baston at to share any ideas on how to improve this site and thank you for efforts to improve the lives of children and adolescents in South Carolina.

  • Seeking help for children and adolescents?

    The links to maps below provide information for service providers by county, statewide.

  • Children and Adolescents Services Resource Map

    As part of the Joint Council on Children and Adolescents (SCJCCA) focus on meeting the needs of families with children and adolescents, the Resource Mapping Committee (a subcommittee of the SCJCCA) created this map of child and adolescent-focused resources available to SC families. The map includes contact information for agencies and organizations that provide a broad range of services ranging from home visiting for new mothers to behavioral health treatment for adolescents in need. Click on the county name to see the resources in that county.

  • Evidence-Based Trauma-Specific Treatment Providers Map

    The map includes contact information for agencies and organizations that provide evidence-based trauma-specific treatment. Click on the county name to see the types of treatment that are provided in that county. Each agency and organization will conduct an assessment to determine the best types of treatment to meet an individual's needs. The SCJCCA does not endorse any specific agency or provider and cannot guarantee what specific type of treatment an individual will receive.

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