Health Care Oversight and Psychotropic Medications Training 2021 CourseSelf enrollmentInformation
DSS Instructional Webinar (This is not a course giving CEU's.)Guest access requires passwordSelf enrollment
Mental Health & Trauma in Foster Children/YouthSelf enrollmentInformation
Reasonable and Prudent Parenting (2 Contact Hours)Self enrollmentInformation
Infant Safe Sleep TrainingSelf enrollmentInformation
South Carolina Center of Excellence - Science to PracticeSelf enrollmentInformation
High Fidelity Wraparound OverviewSelf enrollmentInformation
Suicide PreventionSelf enrollmentInformation
Domestic Violence and TraumaSelf enrollmentInformation
Screenings, Assessments, & Referrals (1 CEU)Self enrollmentInformation
Understanding Child and Adolescent Substance Abuse ( .5 Contact hours )Self enrollmentInformation
Families as Community Partners ( 1.5 Contact hours )Self enrollmentInformation
Introduction of Professional Ethics ( 1.5 Contact hours )Self enrollmentInformation
South Carolina’s Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth (1.5 Contact hours )Self enrollmentInformation
Co-Occurring Disorders in Children and Adolescents (3 Contact Hours)Self enrollmentInformation
Trauma-Informed Practices Self enrollmentInformation
Neurobiological & Psychological Effects of Trauma Self enrollmentInformation