A series of courses on how to use the tools availible in the learning collaborative community. These courses will give an overview of how you can use the learning management system to get more involved in the community.

  • An overview of various tools (many free) to enhance collaboration within Collaborative Learning Communities with access to a learning management system.

    Self enrolment: Web based tools for Collaborative Communities
  • An online course providing support and training for new features within Moodle 2 and how they can be used in teaching. 

    The course is designed to develop knowledge and understanding of features and to enable the sharing of ideas with other teachers on how these features can be applied to teaching and learning.  It uses the features of Moodle 2 that you will be learning about to get the experience as a learner and gain the knowledge required by the teacher.

    Developed as part of the LSIS Collaboration in Technology project.

    Guest access: Teaching with Moodle 2: Training, collaboration and reflection online (shared)Self enrolment: Teaching with Moodle 2: Training, collaboration and reflection online (shared)
  • There are three lessons available to try as students and a fourth which was built together as an introduction to lesson construction. I have also included the slideshow presentation used during the course of the workshop.

    Self enrolment: Step  by Step with Lesson:Examples